Mitakuye Oyasin

In the winter of a life

Oft borne by bitter strife

A man ponders who he was.


Battles fought, victories won

Children born, he lost a son

Continued he the cause.


Final thoughts, soon at hand

No new trails span the land,

He waits, he remembers.


“What was I?”, his plaintive plea

“Where eternal shall I be?”

Challenges now but lasting embers.


Spirit adrift in serene repose

New visions emerge as eyes do close

Ghosts of the Plains come to greet.


Two-leggeds and four dispel the mist,

Relations of all that sun hath kissed

Now comes the time, he lived to be.


One with all – Mitakuye Oyasin!

Americans All!


Please help me, my friend,

Have we come to an end?

Has reason deserted our land?


Many fight for the right,

Guaranteed by our laws,

Then deny it to others out of hand.


Please join me, my friend,

Our rights to defend,

Battling this vile new disease.


For Americans, are we all,

Unwilling to face downfall,

Our freedom not built on our knees.


What is Authentic Faith?

To me, authentic faith is not:

  • Knowing I can be a good person.
  • Knowing I can help others in need.
  • Knowing I can keep my promises.
  • Knowing I can overcome when required.
  • Knowing I can admit when I am wrong.

No dear ones, authentic faith to me is none of these things.

Hear me when I say, authentic faith is knowing I WILL do all these things and so much more.


August 29, 2016


Diversity: Is thy name a lie?


America, a country built on diverse beliefs, cultures, religions and ethnicities once united as a people strong against the foes of freedom. Have we lost the dream?


Today, August 29, 2016, I read an article about a black elementary school principal in Oregon who is celebrating her decision to prohibit students from pledging allegiance to the flag of our great nation. Her reason, “diversity.”


If offered the chance, I would ask this principal how she defines “diversity.”


Does not the denial of one’s right to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of United States of America also deny one’s right to be diverse?


Does she, as a black woman claim the right to be diverse in her culture, beliefs, and religion?

I would chance to guess her answer is yes.


Then why, dear principal do you feel it contingent upon you to deny others their right to diversity?