August 29, 2016


Diversity: Is thy name a lie?


America, a country built on diverse beliefs, cultures, religions and ethnicities once united as a people strong against the foes of freedom. Have we lost the dream?


Today, August 29, 2016, I read an article about a black elementary school principal in Oregon who is celebrating her decision to prohibit students from pledging allegiance to the flag of our great nation. Her reason, “diversity.”


If offered the chance, I would ask this principal how she defines “diversity.”


Does not the denial of one’s right to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of United States of America also deny one’s right to be diverse?


Does she, as a black woman claim the right to be diverse in her culture, beliefs, and religion?

I would chance to guess her answer is yes.


Then why, dear principal do you feel it contingent upon you to deny others their right to diversity?

The Insanity of American Politics


What has America become?

Each day, I rise, make my coffee, check my blood sugar (I am a type II diabetic), water my tomatoes and other plants, feed my birds and rabbits then sit down with a mug of coffee and read my e-mail.

Sound like you? Sound boring? I guess in a way it is, but once I get to Facebook things have a tendency to liven up.

Yes, I am a Facebook lunatic – I freely admit it. Yes, I know Facebook works against certain political agendas and for others. Yes, I understand I may only be beating my keyboard for exercise, yet there is always the hope that my words will touch someone.

American politics are at a crisis period in our evolving history. Faced with what appears to be the decay and demise of our corrupt two-party political system the average voters struggle in wonder – which might destroy tomorrow?

Tragically, we are confronted with one of the most histrionic, if not perverse choices in our long election history.Whether to vote for a female career politician accused of gross negligence, fabrications, distortion of facts and potential money laundering simply because she has an XY chromosome configuration or for a gruff, no-nonsense, predominantly factual business person who has an XX chromosome configuration?

Personally, I do my best to see both sides of the issue, but it is becoming a miserable fail for me.

Are these the best choices a country of over 300 million people has to offer us? I do not believe they are.

I believe that we, the American voter are being manipulated by career politicians and outside interests whose only agenda is POWER.

I think our two major political parties have lost every iota of common sense and loyalty their founders once hoped. I no longer feel either party has our best interests are heart.

We have been betrayed as sure as Sanders betrayed his followers.

If we wish to have our voices heard, we must cast our votes for the candidate we feel the least traitorous, not necessarily the most experience. We must choose carefully and wisely even if it goes against the grain of everything we were brainwashed to accept. We must hold true to our decision and, WE MUST ORGANIZE SO THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

Silence of the Jackals.

August 2016


Mr. Donald Trump

Republican Nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America
Dear Mr. Trump,

I have followed with interest, your rise to challenge the long-standing corrupt political parties currently in power here in America. I believe in you. I believe in your ability to take a broken country and mend it. I believe in your ability to macro-manage a complex system and, more importantly, pare it down. I believe you have the knowledge and skills to turn our economy around, rebuild our defense capabilities and return our nation to its rightful place in the world.

I also believe you are being foolish in seeing every verbal assault by the left as a challenge to your integrity. Does the wise man win by feeding the jackals?

You have been fortunate in life. You were given opportunities and challenges along with stability and love. You have won, and you have lost, but you have always come out ahead for the experience. You have shared your knowledge with your family and thousands of others in the hopes of improving their lives. I feel you have been successful.

It is time for you to share your knowledge with a nation in heavy laden by corruption, anarchy, and terrorism.

It is time for you to silence the jackals with your most powerful weapon – do not feed the jackals. Do not feed them with words, destroy them with silence!

Do not tell me what the jackals did, explain to me, the poor voter who is trying to survive on Social Security that is being given away to illegal immigrants, what will you do to help me?

Do not cater to the jackals who claim you incompetent, prove to me that you are competent to lead me, protect me and make my life better.

Do not foolishly follow the jackal’s parade of the wealthy who proclaim allegiance to a fraud. Show us those who will join you in your triumphal march to the rebuilding of America – let us know the strength of your legions, the real Americans ready to do battle against the corrupt.

Silence the jackals with your wisdom and leadership skills.


Papa Nyk

My Reply to Clinton

August 2016


Dear Ms. Clinton,

I received the election materials you sent sans my request and thought it appropriate I respond sans yours.

Since you took the time to use some of your foreign aid monies to have the materials printed and to send it via one of your underpaid (no $ 15.00 minimum in your camp) underlings to mail it, I thought it only fair I read and respond.

I must say, what I read was an incredibly well-written amalgam misrepresentations, fabrications, and deliberate deceptions designed to deceive the reader into thinking you mentally capable of leading the United States of America.

You lead an effective attack against your opponent, Mr. Trump by denigrating his indelicateness, his lack of political acumen and most importantly, to you at least, the beauty of his wife. You call him crass and vulgar for speaking his mind while you, in turn, live a fictional life where the truth is as fleeting as your youth.

What you do not do is prove to me that I can trust you enough even to allow you back in our White House, let alone the Oval Office.

Mr. Trump will be as different a president as were Reagan, Eisenhower and Washington, all men who led a nation with little or no political experience. They had a real vision, substantial followings and most importantly the will to stand against the establishment to make America Great.

You, Ms. Clinton, would be a president for a policy based on your predecessor’s failures and your own personal distorted reality. Your decisions would be centered on the demands of your foreign puppeteers. Your mistakes would be blamed on your enemies and if that didn’t work, on your employees, underlings child, and grandchildren.

I disagree with Mr. Trump’s assessment of you being “the Devil”. I refuse to give you that much talent. I think you are nothing more, nor less than a gold digging, political hack with a Fascist mentality. I believe you have sold your soul to the Devil who, as is fair, is going to collect when you lose the election, if not before.

Your history of treacheries is finally catching up with you. Hopefully, you will remain alive long enough to be arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and sent to prison there to ponder the insanity of you.



Dear Pseudo-President Obama

Rumor has it you have determined that the Democrat nominee to the Presidency of the United States of America in 2017 is more important than your promises and duties to America. You are a person of many firsts and, with the appropriate amount of respect, I would like to cite a ten presidential first by you.

You are the first

  1. Mulatto ever to be sworn in as President of the United States of America.
  2. President to demonstrate a complete disrespect and contempt for the Constitution of the United States of America while manipulating portions of it to fit your ideology.
  3. President to purposely endeavor to subvert our justice system by intimidation and to attempt to rewrite autocratically, our laws to forward your agenda.
  4. To totally disregard the interpretive opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States when they do not agree.
  5. President to deliver a deliberate attack and try to destroy the legacy of a heroic national icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  6. President to wage an undeclared war on our military in an apparent effort to weaken the national defenses of this country.
  7. President to purposely use your black heritage to viciously and prejudicially attack each and every law enforcement officer who has, is and will be serving all the PEOPLE of our great nation.
  8. To mandate the use of your position, and its accompanying privileges, at the expense of taxpayers, to campaign actively for and promote the nominee you feel most acceptable to replace you as President.
  9. To tacitly endorse and promote anarchist and homegrown terrorism based on alleged racial issues while deliberately ignoring black on black crime.
  10. To actively, by intent and design commit high treason against all the PEOPLE of America.

What would a Clinton presidency mean to me?

When I was born, FDR was president – wow, long time ago. I wasn’t able to vote yet, but that’s ok I couldn’t feed myself either – my mother did it.

Now that  I’m 72 years, and quite able to feed myself, but I am being force fed political garbage from all directions by wannabe presidents.

For the record, I’m not a Democrat nor Republican, Socialist, Fascist, Communist nor any other organized political movement, I am an American. An American, who has had a rough life lived from paycheck to paycheck and had to survive on the mean streets for a time. I’ve also dined with a  diplomat and had pizza with street whores. I eke out an existence on Social Security and what additional money I can earn and I work hard when I have to. My car is paid off, my bills aren’t. I started college at age 70 because I wanted to and there was FREE FINANCIAL AID FOR ME TOO.

I’ve had my successes, and I’ve had my failures – I’m an American.

Now, why do I write this? It’s simple, I’m an American, and I enjoy Freedom of Speech, and I want that to continue. I firmly believe that a Clinton presidency will eventually deny me that right. I think it has already begun with the removal and barring of the Sanders followers from the DNC. Silence dissent and you silence Freedom of Speech.

Yes, both conventions silenced some dissent. The Republicans by removing individuals from the arena, the Democrats by building walls to prevent them getting in.

What, to me at least is dissent and Freedom of Speech?

I believe my being able to have a different opinion about a topic is a dissenting opinion. We all have some about something now and then. It’s how we handle our belief that can turn dissent into violence. It’s how we verbalize our disagreement that may cause strife.

In watching TV talk shows and interviews as I make my voting decision I have noticed that almost to a person, the Democrat speakers like to overspeak their counterparts. Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams on FOX are prime examples. They appear to want to deny others the opportunity to voice their opinions on a topic by using the techniques of overspeak and interrupting. When this is accompanied by violence, as in the demonstrations at the various speaking engagements of Trump, it is no longer dissension, it is organized terrorism directed at Freedom of Speech.

We now know that many of the “protesters” at the various Trump speeches were hired, thugs.

We now know that BLM receives funding from outside sources, probably from the Billionaire Soros, and/or the Clinton Foundation.

We now know that the Black Panthers receive funding from outside sources, possibly from Billionaire Soros and/or the Clinton Foundation.


So what is my summation of my comments?

I believe that the Democrats are dead set on ending Freedom of Speech.

I think they already control the Freedom of Speech claimed by the major television networks.

I know if they remain in office, they will eventually completely shut down Freedom of Speech and dissension to begin the era of Big Brother.

I believe the Democrat party of today is the most deceitful and corrupt it has ever been.

I know it has to be defeated both from without and within.

We the People Ask?

I have questions:

I have a question for all elected politicians. When you are campaigning for the candidate of your choice or, in the case of Cruz, Kasich, Wasserman-Schultz, et al., spending the majority of your time in elections, who is paying you? Do you waive your government paychecks? If not, please explain why all taxpayers should pay your salary while you campaign for someone, not every taxpayer agrees with.


I have a question for Barak Obama, pseudo-president of the United States of America, and all other presidents past and future. What gives you the right to use Air Force One for personal family vacations, transporting friends, campaigning for candidates in your party, and other non-presidential purposes? I submit to you that Air Force One, it’s highly trained, and skilled crew, flight, and service have better things to do than to provide free rides paid for by taxpayers.


I have a question for all elected members of our government. With all appropriate respect, would you please explain to me precisely who, whom or what elected you to office? Now, I’m assuming your constituents, those people from your home area who voted for you in answer to your promises, to serve them did. If I am correct in my assumption, would you please explain to me why it is that you appear to only vote along party lines? Did the Senator from Arizona vote for you in the Missouri election – did the representative from Illinois? Did you swear an oath to serve the people of your constituency or did you swear an oath to serve your political party even when it harms your constituents?


I have another question for the Congress of the United States of America, specifically the House of Representatives. Is it true that a function each of you was elected, and sworn in to do is to hold tight to the purses strings of our beloved nation? If I am correct in this assumption, may I ask why you refuse to do so? Why do you allow the pseudo-president in our White House take money earmarked for veterans and the elderly to use for illegal immigrants? Please explain.


I have yet another question for the House of Representatives. Is it true that another function for which you are responsible is the making of law(s)? If I am correct in my assumption, can you please explain to me why it is you appear not to have the power to override presidential vetoes that are obviously detrimental to all but the most elite in our America? Is it because the proposed law did not meet ethical and/or appropriate legal standards or is it because one political party or alliance is having a childish tantrum because they didn’t get their way in another bill?


Did we, the People who elected you to represent WE THE PEOPLE did we make a mistake?